The electric car concept has been around for over a century now. Unfortunately when the Internal Combustion Engine and petrol became more mainstream, the electric car was nearly killed off entirely.

But today, they're making a comeback.

You can now buy an electric to fit the kind of person you are. If you like road ripping performance, unmatched luxury, and long range, you could get a Tesla. If you want a practical commuter that looks a bit like a fish, you could get a Leaf. Heck, if you're a handy individual, you could make your own electric out of just about anything!

Sounds good right? Unfortunately though, electrics suffer from one huge downfall...cost...

The best examples of current and future electric technology have starting costs too expensive for the masses to afford, even after rebates. Tesla is making leaps with their Supercharger system and the Model S, but with the best model (the one you want) starting at $72,000, it is out of range for most of the Average Joes out there.


Sure, you can save several thousand and get a Leaf or the I-Miev, but you'll still be paying around $40,000 for something that goes less than one hundred miles and may be built like a late 90's Hyundai (I-Miev, I'm looking at you).

Average Joes, look no further, Daimler has your solution.

Meet the $25,000 smart fortwo electric drive.


This is the car that smart was meant to sell from the very beginning. Nicolas Hayek's dream was a tiny Swatch designed city car with Hybrid and/or Electric power. And now, his dream has indeed fully came true.

The petrol smarts are often criticized for their notably awkward shifting transmissions and somewhat underpowered engines. The electric changes everything.


With its 55kw motor it accelerates to 60mph well over a second faster than its petrol equivalent, and power is immediate with no lag. The icing on that cake? The transmission was thrown out entirely for what could be described as a buttery smooth drive...given your route doesn't have many potholes...

On a standard home outlet, you can charge the battery in seven hours. There will also be a quick charger offered that will be able to charge that battery from zero to full in under an hour.


What does all that equate to in mileage? Like the competition you can get it to go up to one hundred petrol free miles. And after government rebates, the car actually won't cost much more than its petrol siblings as well.

So, I think it works. It fixes the major complaint with the petrol version, and by a long shot it'll be the cheapest EV on sale in America while doing everything the same (if not better) than the competition. Then, at $28,000, you could even go topless!


But overall, I'm simply astonished at how far technology is moving with electrics. Will there be a day when EVs will be cheaper than ICE and have the same (if not better) performance?

I hope so.

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