If you've ever wondered if EV enthusiasts can be gearheads, this show should put that question to rest. Suffice it to say, contrary to what The Oatmeal thinks, the guys at EV West do know what kind of tranny carbo-luber a Model S has.

In case you've never heard of the guys at EV West before, Matt Farah did a segment on their M3 EV conversion for /DRIVE (back when /DRIVE was good) that kicked ass and took names at Pikes Peak a few years back. Essentially, EV West is the Jegs or Summit Racing of the EV world. These guys like electric cars because they can produce 3,000+ lb. ft. of torque at 0 RPM, not because they make you feel all smug and superior because they're so much better for the environment. Who cares about greenhouse gases when you have 3,000 lb. ft. of tire killing capability at your fingertips?

While they name drop Roadkill at the beginning of the episode, this show still has a long ways to go before they get to that level. This is their premier episode so it is very rough around the edges. It's an hour long and they do more talking than showing, which is a sin for a car show, but they have a decent how-to segment in the middle about contactors. If you aren't into EVs and EV conversions, then this episode will probably bore you to tears, but if you are then it might be worth a look.