The shifter linkage broke after exiting a roundabout while driving to work this morning.

I noticed it when I tried to go from 3rd to 4th, the shifter had absolutely no resistance, and obviously wouldn’t shift. I was about 500m away from work.
Luckily, I came to work an hour earlier than usual, so there was no traffic at all and I didn’t have to hunt for a parking spot.
I managed to go through 2 traffic lights by managing timing, throttle and clutch, turned into the parking lot, found a spot and let it roll in perfectly next to the Audi, no second chance.
I called my parents so we can tow it home this evening. the fun part will be to crawl in the wet dirt to get the transmission into neutral.
I feel betrayed.


[Update] my dad jacked the car up, tightened the link, put it back in place, and I could drive home. And now I feel ashamed I haven’t done it myself. I didn’t feel like getting under the car held by the scissor jack alone.