The FD RX-7's popup headlights are so cool that you may have missed everything underneath them.

Now keep your mind on that bumper.

Stretch the corners out on that smirk.

Hmm, I think we went too smiley and lost the smirky. Drop the corners a bit.


and now squint the eyes.

It seems we defined that Mazda’s need a smirk, not a smile. Maybe you’re still curious about the Mazda 3 though. Well you know how we ended up with this little fellow being so happy:


Just move that grill up to where it used to be,

A reminder of “where it used to be.”


Presto! It’s as if the smile phase never happened and the smirk never left. Sadly it doesn’t scream, “I LOOOVE CUDDLES!!!” like the mid-2000's model, but we’ll get over it.

There you have it!Unfortunately, now the front end of this FC will look like something a Mooninitie would drive.