I searched for a wingless RS (because I am a simple man who wanted the black/grey interior instead of blue, not turbo, no wing, and no sunroof). I failed, and found this be-winged RS.

before: the “chrome” was peeling off of the lettering, and I prefer a clean shaved look, so the lettering had to go

letters gone, goo remained


a little elbow grease and those are gone too. A buff later and it was like they were never there.

someone came to buy my roofrack, and his wingless trunk had me jelly...


so my 90s-tastic wing HAS to go

the long term plan would be to find a wingless trunk so I didn’t have random holes...


but until then, metal plugs would suffice to keep the water out.


today I picked up from a friend’s wrecking yard a replacement. I lost the holes and gained a dent (and lettering back).

Tonight I will shave the 2.5RS logo as it feels asymetrical and awkward, but I’m keeping the subaru lettering as it is still in good condition. I need to put my lock in the new trunk.

Then sometime I’ll have a go at removing the dent.

Then later I’ll colour match. Despite being the same paint code it is from a 3 year newer Impreza and is a slight mis-match.