What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?
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What a lovely day in Texas, unfortunately it didn’t rain which might have given me an advantage considering I brought a boat. It was a fun day though learning the wonders of undefeatable stability control and terminal understeer. I am slightly kidding since it was a very enjoyable day. I like the challenge of something I am not used to and getting the chance to have more seat time chasing cones. We got 12 runs (6 on each course) so it was a long day. It was an interesting setup with two courses running parallel to each other in an attempted mirror of one another. I ran 2 full seconds different between the two though so clearly something was different to me. Some people ran about the same but most had a similar offset to me. I did not really beat too many people but such is expected with the flawless track weapon that I brought. I had fun though and that is all that counts. I had the most trouble with the christmas tree, drag racing start. Since stepping on the gas and the car actually moving was most of the delay. This lead to 1+ seconds of “reaction time” every time. When I know for sure that as long as my Miata found traction that would not happen.


Here is a video of the courses since youtube brings the wonders of laziness so that I dont have to bother ever bringing a camera:

Being 1500 miles away from my Miata is difficult but at least this Malibu got to be a Miata in spirit for a day.

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