Some of you probably remember that I bought and fixed a $500 2001 Subaru LegacyGT wagon a few years ago. It’s racked up close to 300,000 miles, 40,000 of which I put on.

It’s been a great car, but it’s finally reached end the end of its life.


Last Monday, I was on my way back to Indiana from Vermont, having gone to visit a friend and pickup a bunch of stuff. I was a 150 miles from home when the engine died and wouldn’t restart. I got the car towed home by AAA (thank God for 100 miles of free towing) and I had the trailer towed to a local yard since AAA doesn’t do anything for trailers unless they’re travel trailers.

At first I thought that the timing belt had gone, but after getting into it, I found that it was fine and timing still lined up. After charging the battery (which is on its last legs too), I started it up, and heard the death knell: rod knock. It seems that due to the trailer and cargo inside the car, the rear end squatted enough to raise the front end enough to cause oil starvation to the front of the engine over the 13 hours I’d driven like that.


Current plan is to pull all my stuff out of it, and drive it to the junkyard. I’ll get my new car fixed soon, I ordered the front end for it this morning.

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