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The Feds strike.

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Yesterday’s negotiations felled apart, and as Mexico enters yet another record breaking month of violence in a record breaking year of violence, it seems like our biggest law enforcement arm is becoming incapacitated.


A quarter of the Federal police force will protest a myriad of things on today’s national strike. From forceful indoctrination to the National Guard to terrible working conditions on their deployment in the southern border region. They claim that by joining the National Guard they lose their rank and by extent some of their benefits. They also insist that they do not want to join the army, and say the National Guard is not respectful of their vocation as civil servants.

On the other hand, Federal police sent to the southern border claim they do not have proper housing, and lack even proper nutrition or access to showers and toilets. Strangely enough, officers who do not meet the Body-Mass-Index requirements to join the National Guard are supposed to join the immigration authority, who is working restlessly to comply with Trump’s requests.


Among the protestors are even the higher-level “gendarmeria” cops, who receive some of the military training they would expect in the National Guard. So this isn’t some cry-baby protest... Some really dedicated members of the Federal police are participating... and they have some -very- real grievances to air with the Federal government.

The President, who spent the afternoon playing baseball, said that he respects their right to protest, but that he doesn’t agree with them in any way, and that this is lame-duck protest.

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