My brother turns 16 soon, and he’s more than likely going to end up with a car of some sort. None of us had even remotely considered the Fiat 500E before, but after reading the front page article on how insanely cheap they have become, I saw two of them for sale at a local off-lease place. Swung by to take one for a test drive today. It’s really perfect for him. It was well equipped, comfortable enough, safe, a riot to drive, really quick from 0-40, and of course there’s the whole “no paying for gas or maintaining a gas engine” thing. What amazed me most of all was that it felt like a real car, not like a Mitsubishi Mirage or a golf cart. The cabin was comfy enough, and although there was some cheap plastic, there was nothing that surprised me given that it was an inexpensive little city runabout.

For a 16 year old kid who wants something a bit cool and unique and will drive maybe 15-30 miles a day tops, it seems perfect. I think it will even fit his guitar case with the back seats folded down. He hasn’t been able to drive it yet, what with him still being on his permit, but he seems ok with the idea. Obviously, if he decides he doesn’t like it then it doesn’t matter two hoots what I think. The car he really wants is a Jaguar X-Type, but I highly doubt that will happen.

The one we drive looked just like this. It’s like an Abarth but with cooler wheels.

If we get one, it’s likely that a dealer friend will pick one up at auction for us, meaning we’ll pay closer to wholesale than retail price. With that in mind it becomes an even more enticing proposition for my parents.