Illustration for article titled The Fiat X1-9. Tell Me Something I Dont Know About It!

I love the X1-9! It’s tiny and Italian and sports car and really cool! Ever since I discovered it it has been on my list of cars I want to have someday. But is it a good idea? This is where your help comes in.


Right now I have a 1983 Oldsmobile station wagon that leaks oil and is hard to drive in the cold because the oily smoke comes right into the cabin. This won’t do as a winter car, so I thought about trading it for this little X1-9. (See link above)


I love what I see in the add! It needs work, but way less than the old Civic I just got rid of, and it’ll be way more fun than the Olds I feel I get it running all nice!

So tell me what you think oppo. Time for some brainstorming

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