A few weeks ago I, along with an unnamed accomplice (and most of the American public) had a chance to drive the new Fiesta ST.

Ford invited me to drive out to FedEx Field during rush hour, on a Friday, to watch their experiential marketing team setup a consumer event. They also let me drive the new Fiesta ST around a parking lot...for 3 minutes...in second gear

I walked away with one big observation: don't attend events that aren't fully setup.

My other observation - driving the Fiesta around a track is like trying to hold a greased marble between your fingers. It's squirmy, squirrely and splendid fun.


My full review is over at Autobytel, but I'll share a few thoughts here and join into the conversation down below afterwards.

Who will buy this car: People who wanted a 500 Abarth but didn't like the exhaust sound (loser) or wanted a back seat made for non-midgets.


Who won't buy this car: Current Fiesta shoppers and people who can't drive a manual.

Biggest competition: People who can't drive manuals.

Note: While at the event, my accomplice and I watched as a Ford-social-media-stars (#fiestamovement) almost lost her shit when asked if she wanted to drive the manual-only Fiesta. You would have thought the car was filled with killer bees or was on fire.


The Fiesta ST is a fun car, has great torque and likes to be tossed about like a raccoon caught attacking a small dog, but I would still opt for the Focus. It has more room, rotates with a vengeance and requires less work at the wheel to go around the cones. Also, I prefer the looks of the Focus, but that is a subjective measure.

If you've driven the Fiesta ST (or not) - what are your thoughts?