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It drives too well and has way too much power for a starting price of $21,140! Ford is awful for offering this vehicle at such stupid low pricing. Ford has made it impossible for the US to get awesome subcompact hot hatches because they completely locked out the segment. For shame, Ford!!


But what about the 500 Abarth or the Mini Cooper 4-door S? Those are “premium” brands in the US so they will never ever ever come close to matching the value of the Fiesta ST.

How about the Veloster Turbo? That’s like wanting a steak well done, just get a burger! The Veloster Turbo sat between the 197 hp Fiesta ST and a decked out 120 hp Focus. So you either see it as more liveable than a Fiesta ST or sportier than the Focus SEL, however that’s not how comparisons work because the Fiesta ST is totally liveable and essentially a pillow fort full of puppies, popsickles, and Schwarzenegger movies!


What if other automakers made a Fiesta-fighter? Well they can’t unless Ford moves the Fiesta ST up market enough to open the gap for mainstream sporty subcompacts. Every mainstream automaker has a subcompact ranging around 130 hp and well equipped at roughly $20,000. They can make a sportier trim just under that feature-heavy spec for around $19,000-$21,000 but it would only, sensibly, make around 165 hp-185 hp. Perfect value brand Abarth and Cooper S choices.

But nooooo, Ford decided to put Mutombo on the Junior Varsity Team and now no one wants to play ball! The problem is that the benchmark for the segment goes from 120 hp to nearly 200 hp (basically a 66% power increase) for the same premium as most brand’s navigation packages. Think about this, a 66% performance increase for the price of an option package people! It’s insane!!


It’s exactly as if Ford decided to offer the Shelby GT350 for the same starting price as the current Mustang GT. No, I’m not exaggerating, it really is that ridiculous of a deal! If you could buy a brand new GT350 starting at $33,000 would there be any room for direct competition? Who is going to compete with that?!

The Fiesta ST is the biggest little bully in the US market! Then add in the fact that the Focus ST is pretty tough stuff for under $25,000 and now you have the world’s most narrow gap for building/bringing over a car that will best the value levels Ford has made. Thankfully the Focus ST isn’t a universal fit so automakers are beginning to offer 200hp compacts for $21,000...but that darn Fiesta ST isn’t allowing anyone in its dojo.


Yes you should go buy a Fiesta ST, it’s a crazy awesome deal!!! It’s the subcompact equivalent of a GT350 for GT money! What more do I need to say?! Freaking pillow fort puppies with rocket launchers!!


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