Spent several back-killing hours last night getting the Audi ready for the first of its potential buyers coming to look at it this evening. The paint was pretty oxidized, so I tried several approaches for remedying that. First up was a buffer, which I've never used before. That didn't seem to be going quite as well as I hoped, so I switched to the Turtle Wax Rubbing Compound paste and a moist rag and went to it with good ol' elbow grease. That seemed to do the trick at least as well as the buffer and was a bit less hassle, so I went with that for the rest of the car. That took the majority of the time and then I finished it up with some of the Mothers carnauba wax I used on my Grand Prix a couple weeks ago. You can see the finished result here. Not perfect, but neither is the paint anyway.

Apart from that, I spent time finding the lower grille (which was in the trunk after all, but I swear I looked there. Trunk wizards...) and putting the driver's side of the front bumper cover back in its clip properly, which required some uh... less than precise methods.

Now I need to finish up with vacuuming and cleaning the interior. It shouldn't take too much work though. I already went around the car yesterday and cleaned out door jambs, gas flap, trunk edges, hood edges and various engine components. Just for that extra bit of good first impression.