Illustration for article titled the finer details are still being worked out, but I got my first promotion ever today!

I’m now the newest floor manager at this beautiful piece of mid century modern architecture. Originally a Howard Johnson’s restaurant/cocktail lounge, styled that way because it was the “crown jewel” of their chain. Almost immediately, it became a landmark in the ultra hip NJ seaside city of Asbury Park, being featured in movies and TV shows like The Sopranos. I started here a little under a year ago as a host, at the urge of my girlfriend, who works here as a server. Having grown up around Asbury and spending many of my formative years strolling the boardwalk, I’ve always loved the jet age styling of the building. I’ve loved the past year I’ve spent here. They’ve always treated me well, and I’ve tried to do the same, and it feels good to get some recognition for my efforts. So if you’re ever in Asbury Park, stop in! We have the best burgers on the boardwalk and a constantly rotating craft beer selection. Ask for me, if I’m there, I’d be happy to shoot the breeze and give you a history lesson/local’s look at Asbury Park.

That’s all! Thanks for letting me dump my excitement and appreciation here!


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