As I’ve mentioned a few times (and will probably mention a few more times), I’m in the hunt for a low-mileage ‘13 Porsche Boxster S. The challenge, when searching for preowned versions of these cars, is the huge discrepancy in options between any given examples. As everyone here probably knows, Boxsters have a starting price of $52,000, with an additional $75,000 in available options and trim levels.

So, I’ve been researching optional Porsche packages and doing a bunch of online builds, and have officially found the funniest one.


You can buy a Porsche Boxster, loaded up with options, and it won’t come standard with vanity lights in the sun visor mirrors

The ugly example above came to $113,000 in the configurator, without lights in the sun visors. Want to look in the mirror? Want to do it at night? You’ll have to borrow your buddy’s 2001 Mercury Sable, instead of using your $113,000. If you want vanity lights, you’ll need to fork over $320. Here are the other generous things that Porsche includes in the “interior lighting package”:

The optional light design package comprises dimmable LEDs in the overhead console, at the door handles, in the door storage compartments and in the footwells. LED illumination of the front luggage compartment is also included with the light design package. The rear luggage compartment and C-pillars feature LEDs as standard. Also adds LED lights to vanity mirrors.

My 2005 Mini Cooper S has footwell lighting....

Also funny: All the owners on the Porsche forums who are justifying Porsche’s decision not to include this as standard.

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