I was shocked today when I saw the fire ants had decided to remove themselves from the lawn, and relocate to a large potted plant on the patio. Their mistake has proved massively fatal.

I usually just pour boiling water on the ant hills, but when I saw this I decided I wasn’t going to kill the plant to kill the ants so went out and got actual ant mound killer. Sprinkled it into the top of the planter, sprinkled a ring around the planter, and lightly watered the plant.


The result? lots of ants trying to flee... lots of ants dead. There are piles of dead ants around the pot now, and more are trying to escape. Lots and lots of dead ants. Now the big ones with wings are coming out - and dying. Good. Fire ants are the worst, I hope they all die. It’s a good thing they concentrated themselves in a small enclosed area this time.