The first half of my shift, I had a guy call in for a tow on a fairly new Frontier. I think it was like a ‘16 or ‘17. Anyway, when someone calls in for a tow on a truck, we have to ask them if its 2 or 4wd for obvious reasons so we can send out a flatbed if its 4wd. I go to ask this man if his truck is 2 or 4wd and he says “ I’m not too good with cars so I don’t know what you mean.” I laughed and said its ok, but in my head I was thinking “Of course you fucking don’t”. So I dumbed it down the best I could: “ When the vehicle moves, do just the back 2 wheels move the vehicle or do all the wheels move the truck?” Again, he didn’t understand. “ Sorry man I’m not too good with car lingo but yes the vehicle has all 4 tires. Im assuming other vehicles do to as well?”


Happy Tuesday folks!

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