In removing undercoating from the cowl of the Chevelle (I’m not kidding when I say the whole thing is covered) I found most of the seam sealer to be failing/failed, so I’m redoing that while I’m at it.

Have to do a little more cleanup with the old black paint and general degreasing, but it’s pretty close. Going to try and knock out the rest of the prep tonight, then in the morning run to Summit to pick up a tube of seam sealer. This (small) part should be in primer by 2019!


Bonus: under the undercoating I found factory marker marks, in this case “70" on the cowl:

Notice how the seam sealer on the far right is dry and cracked, thus why it’s getting replaced.

This is the sort of thing that a concourse restoration would re-create on the new paint, but I’m not doing anything of the sort. Still cool, though.

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