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The first Tesla I buy might not be a car...

... it might be a roof:

While it doesn’t make sense to replace a perfectly good roof, the asphalt shingles on the roof of my house date back to 2007. In the next 10-15 years, those shingles will need replacing.


So if I have to replace the shingles anyway, why not replace them with shingles that have an infinite year warranty... that generate electricity for me as well?

I’d love to own a Tesla Model S... but even used 2012 Model S’s are WAY over my car budget. Though in 10-15 years, there probably will be some dirt cheap used Teslas around.


Hmmm... the timing of needing my roof replaced VS the timing on Tesla used car depreciation... it’s hard to say if my first Tesla will be a car or a roof.

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