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The FLAPS Detail Job

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Despite the pictures, my car was rather dirty and somewhat rough when I got it. I’ve decided to do a basic run-down on what I did to get it looking so good.


Wash with Meguiar’s Deep Crystal Wash

Polished with Meguiar’s Ultimate Polish with the DA Power System

Waxed with Meguiar’s Ultimate Wax with the DA Power System

Polished the hubcaps and chrome with Peek polishing foam

Cleaned the whitewalls with Green Works and an S.O.S pad

Wiped down all the plastics with Meguiar’s Ultimate Interior Detailer

Vacuumed the interior

Shampooed seats and carpet with Turtle Wax Carpet Cleaner with Hydrogen Peroxide

Restored the headlights with Turtle Wax Headlight Restoration Kit

Cleaned off positive battery terminal with a wire brush

Re-painted bare plastic grille slats with generic black paint.

Did it take a bunch of effort? Yes. Was it worth it? 1000% yes, especially considering that excluding the DA Power System, the entire job cost me less than $125. Worth every penny.

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