I resisted the car gene as long as I could. My grandfather, dad and uncles always had a bunch of cars, but I kept it to 2 or 3 for a long while. think it may have gotten the better of me now. So here we have all our road legal cars. 05 Mini Cooper S, 2000 Mustang GT (soon to be race car), 02 Chevy Silverado, 18 Honda Odyssey, 03 Mitsubishi Evo VIII, 90 Morris Mini. Not shown is the 90 Escort race car and 68 Mustang up at my parents house. I may have a problem.

Just a quick audit and we have one micro car, one compact car, a pony car, a four door, a truck and a van. 3 I4s, 2 V6s and a V8. 32 cylinders in the pic. 2 red, 2 blue, silver and a white car. 2 British brand, 2 US brands and 2 Japanese brands.