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The Focus Wagon died today...

So I wanted to run an errand over lunch today.

Get in my car, start it up, drive out of the parking lot at work.

As I get to the first stop sign, I turn right.

As I’m turning, I hit a small bump... and I hear and feel a snap... and then the steering feels a little wonkey.


I stop and get out... don’t see anything at first. Then I turn the wheel so I can get a better view... and the front passenger side control arm is clearly cracked.

I drive it very slowly and carefully to the Crappy Tire nearby and ask them to look at it.


I walk back to work and I get a call within a half an hour.... “yes, your control arm is cracked. But we won’t touch it. This car has too much rust to be worth fixing.”

I go back and my car is still on the lift. The mechanic shows me all the lovely rust I knew was there... and I spotted a transmission fluid leak that I know wasn’t there a month or two ago.

So the plan was to put the car down and carefully drive it back to my work where I could leave it for a bit and I would decide what to do with it

We didn’t get that far.

After the car was down, the mechanic drove it about 10 feet and the control arm snapped completely and the car was undrivable.


At that point a decision was made to just call an auto recycler to come pick it up where I get a cheque for $200 out of the deal - which will mostly cover my car rental for the coming week.

And now I’m doing my homework to find a replacement. In my searching, I found this to be oddly appealing:


But I’m not gonna go for it. I need a cheap daily driver, not 2 projects.

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