The Ford Ecosport has ASYMMETRICAL taillights! *cringe*

I am not a stalker. Kindly ignore those bushes

Lets get this out of the way. This is not a good. The driver side taillight has a guitar pick shaped lens intruding on the white part. The passenger side has a hollow area for some reason. Neither look good, but together they are terrible!

Its not just the US market ones either.


Its difficult to see but there is an indent on the right side. The left has what looks like a crack in the lens but it is actually just a separate swoopy section. Maybe a rear fog light? But why just dig a hole in the other one instead of creating a smooth look?

Please, help me to understand!

UPDATE: it’s a door handle for the side opening hatch! *Shudders from pure disgust*

Just like the old CRVs.



I am letting my hatred of the car get in the way of this clumsy design solution. It’s not boring, but the only reason it exists is for the rear mounted tire that comes on it in other markets.


In the US, there is no tire, therefore no reason for it to exist. Then again, the CR-V I used as an example of the right way hinges for left hand traffic so maybe this is passable? Tell me what you think and how wrong I am.

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