Here is a story about how one woman's love for a Ford F1 brought out loop-holes in the import laws of my country and her husband's desperate attempts to finding the truck in Pakistan, which he eventually couldn't until his wife just went and bought one beat up truck from somewhere in California for an amount which was considerably lower than what she paid for towing it to a friend's house. The friend then kept the truck in his garage while his two car stayed out in the open for about an year or so.

It is a good read. Offroad Pakistan

PS: The woman owns and loves it like its her child. I am not kidding, I once ran into her at a local automotive event where her truck was on display and I was one of the organizers wearing official shirt so she asked me if I had seen a red truck and I instantly knew who she was and which truck she was talking about so without a thought I uttered, "Oh, the Red Bed Ford pick up?!", she got seriously pissed at me for calling it a Bed Ford, as she exclaimed in fury, " THAT'S A FORD F1 (YOU MORON)! ". [She didn't say moron but I could sense that she said a lot more than that in her head.]

I literally stepped back and just gave her the direction by pointing at it as she stared at me with anger.


Bed Fords are quite a big thing here, the trucks are still run by local truckers in huge numbers and it just kind of looks like one of them so it just came out of my tongue. It was like I called her kid a really bad name in front of her.