As you know, Ford dropped a lot of brands from its organization, and did it quite swiftly. Maybe, the good position Ford is in right now, can allow the company to start rebuilding its lost empire.

Lancia and Lotus seem like easy acquisitions, since both aren’t making much money, and are mere shadows of what they used to be.

In this new group, the Ford brand would keep focusing on mainstream models.

Lincoln would be the quiet and sophisticated luxury brand, but with enough latent performance to satisfy most luxury buyers. It would go against Mercedes.


Lancia would be the sporty, sensual and performance focused brand. It would go against BMW and Alfa Romeo.

Lotus would make lightweight and premium sports cars and even a couple of supercars.


I was going to say that it would’ve been nice if Ford saved Pontiac from GM’s graveyard and turned it into a sporty premium brand, but there’s no chance GM would let Ford have Pontiac. Lancia on the other hand, it would be much easier to obtain, since Marchionne is more pragmatic than GM’s management and FCA could really use some quick cash.