Promotional silent movie for the Ford tractor. But not that Ford. Just a Ford who worked for this otherwise unremarkable start-up, and whose name they used in marketing to confuse potential buyers.


Many people ordered Ford tractors, in the mistaken belief they were being made by the Ford Motor Company, you know, the one run by Henry Ford, maker of the then ubiquitous Model T. They were not. When they received unreliable machines that didn’t work as advertised, and started accidentally sending their complaints to Henry - a proverbial fuckstorm ensued.

This tractor fueled fuckstorm was in large part responsible for the Nebraska Tractor Test Act of 1919, and the resulting Nebraska Tractor Tests which are still performed to this day.


Unfortunately for Henry, the marketing mess and other issues meant he wouldn’t use his own name on the tractor he was developing - which was eventually released as the Fordson.

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