If you haven’t seen it, Stef wrote a good article.


Laguna Seca is named after what it used to be — a lake. It rains a ton this time of year and the erosion is pretty spectacular in scale. They put sandbags out to divert water to prevent ditches from forming. That gentleman hit a sandbag meant to prevent a ditch. Personally I would think hitting the ditch would be a far worse thing to hit than a sandbag so that track is doing good preventative work to actively make things safer. It’s also why they used a sandbag instead of a concrete block, or a log, which would work a whole lot better. It’s also why at every turn where you’re likely to go off is a gravel pit to catch the rider — it didn’t used to be that way. It’s been redone specifically for motorcycles.

It seems to me that maintaining the track is the exact opposite of negligence. What realistically could be done to handle the erosion that would have been safer than a sandbag?


With that info in mind does it change the case any? I’m no lawyer and know we have several Oppos with law degrees and I’m genuinely interested in a professional opinion.

I’ve always wanted to go to law school just to know answers to these things.

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