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The fracking exhaust manifold is finally off!!!

So, I’m restoring and building up an NB1 Miata (I’ve made a few posts on the build in the past) but for the last month or so I’ve been stuck. This has been primarily due to a lack of time to work on the car, and the damned exhaust manifold....specifically the flange between the cast portion and the pipe.


The first one, as you can see, came off fine. The 2nd....well the nut was rusted to the stud so badly that they came out as one piece....with a lot of leverage, and the help of a friend way stronger than me. The 3rd one, the one that all hacked up, I have no idea what happened to it. It started like the first, a little tight, but once you got it started it turned pretty easily....then it got to the damaged threads. I really have no clue how these got damaged as it’s the inner most stud and there isn’t much cause for anyone to be messing around near them...unless you’re doing what I was, and seeing as how I don’t think this car has seen anything more than oil changes, tires, and brakes since it was built, I’m doubting this was the case. Anyway, it’s off now after lots of cutting with a dremmel and bashing with a metal pipe, and now the build can resume! Hoping to have the car started next week.

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