That black red stitched leather interiors are awesome. It only leads me further into confusion with my own personal seat saga... I need some opinions on a few things here.

So. I want to put a leather interior into my prelude. I have some options and i am open to lots of them. S2000 seats, type S seats, canadian seats, even just standard leather seats and nsx seats.

The real question for you guys is, how do these materials hold up in a daily driver. The materials in question are as followed:

Above: Type S - The leather, red stitched, alcantara inserts just like the FRS monogram series (except from the late 90's)


How does alcantara hold up? Weaknesses? Strengths? Upkeep?

downside: this interior was only available in RHD models, so i would either have to give up driver comfort adjustments or somehow peel off the leather from one seat and switch it to another.

Option 2


Above: Canadian Perforated leather heated seats option.

The biggest plus to this is i get heated fricken seats! But my biggest concern is the perforated leather.... and lack of red stitching.

Anyone with experience on perforated leather seats have any say?

The s2000 seats fall under the perforated kind too...

Option 3


Not necessarily in red... but i could dabble on the wild side for the right price.

Plus side to this is, its an easy bolt in. Swap the seat pans and you are good to go. AND it lowers the driving position a good bit. Since im 6'2'', that could be handy.

Concerns: Durability. Comfort.

having only sat in an s2000 for a short amount of time, i have no idea how comfy they are on long trips, and if they provide good bolstering like the oem prelude seats. And i often see that s2000 seats are trashed.


my dream option... The NSX seats. I will always be open to getting these so its just an excuse to post how they look in a prelude.


TL;DR If anyone has had any experience with the alcantara and perforated leather stuff, i want to hear what the verdict is.