Placed two orders in the early hours of Thursday morning, promptly got confirmation e-mail from both companies. Both companies are using the same courier, DPD, got e-mails from DPD to say each will arrive today as they arrived at the depot at the same time (quarter of a mile away from me), one then sent me an e-mail with a one hour time slot, and the other on checking said they’d try and deliver it sometime today.

Both parcels arrived in the same building near me, at the same time yet only one has a delivery time slot.



First parcel has arrived, phoned about the second, told it’s on it’s way.

Just this moment a second van pulled up with a parcel for number 38. No parcel for me.

So there will be at least three DPD vans to deliver three parcels to two addresses across the road from each other.

If they try and say in the future they are ‘carbon neutrals’ I’ll scream at them.



Parcel finally turned up a few minutes ago. Apparently they missed it.

I’ll give them the benefits of a doubt as I’m sure it was easy to miss, amongst a sea or white and brown parcels.


The box was only nine times bigger than it needed to be and bright yellow.

So easy to miss.