What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

This was something that occurred to me this morning. Our neighborhood has a pretty active group on Facebook, and they’ve been doing all sorts of things to help out. Posting resources for kids learning (as schools are closed here), and organizing walks around the neighborhood (as individuals/families). For example, on St. Patrick’s day, they got people to put paper shamrocks in their windows, and people would walk around to see how many they could count. (To be clear, everyone was still practicing social distancing - it’s not like there were hordes of kids running around or anything like that).  There was a teacher who organized a food drive for families that they knew who were struggling (that the school had already been working with).  People left food in a bag on their steps, and the lady and her family went around and picked it up.  People have also been reaching out to each other more than I’ve seen before.

I feel like the community has done an excellent job of coming together even more than it was before.

The further we stand apart, the more we stand together.


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