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The fury, I has it

Inspection time for my girls Jeep. She drops it off and the mechanic gives her a ride home in her own Jeep BEFORE inspecting it. I was somewhat livid about this. Maine inspections do not require a drive. I did the work on it, wheel bearing, fixing the horn, fixing the EVAP, but now it is failing for stuff that would never be checked had he not driven it. Not to mention we got stuck with a bum Advance Auto starter he installed hundreds of miles away that I replaced and he wont warranty (it was 3 months old when it stranded us, I replaced it). So she is in for brake pads and rotors though I checked them when I did the bearings 400 miles ago, rear shocks even though a bounce test is not required (and I would have noticed if they were shot or leaking) among other things. I can do all the work, but it is in the mind of the great state of maine to hold a tiny piece of paper over a customers head with the threat of a ticket. Fuck this shit


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