I had my suspicions when Dodge released the Scat Packs as R/Ts instead of SRTs. After finding out the 455hp, 2016 Chevy Camaro SS will start at $36,300, I felt convinced that our old muscle cars have become too capable to resist the premium. I’ll go ahead and tell you what is going to happen over the next 24 months:

*Don’t forget to add delivery to all prices, because I sure forgot*

The Camaro, 275hp Turbo 4cyl will start at $27,195 (in the future, autos and manuals will cost the same). The 2lt will become the standard 1lt for v6 models, making the 335hp engine start at $31,295. The V8 SS will be $36,300 for 455hp, though the price may bump up if it reviews well the first two model years.

Chrysler will drop the 5.7l from the Challenger and Charger. The 6.4l R/T Scat Pack will become the new R/T trim upon the next refresh. That will be 485hp starting at $37,995, plenty to keep competitive on paper (note the Charger would be at least $1,500 more). The V6 will have power bumped from 305hp to 320hp or slightly more. They’ll start the SXT at $28,995. No 4cyl will be offered in either models.


The Mustang will likely bump up the 310hp Turbo 4cyl to 325hp and keep the $29,395 starting price. The GT Premium will become the standard GT and start at around $34,395 if the power isn’t increased slightly. If the Coyote howls closer to 450hp then the price will be $36,550 with more standard equipment than the Camaro. The V6 will be dropped.

Thus the pursuit of happiness also known as American Muscle will start at $27,195 (Camaro), $28,995 (Challenger), and $29,395 (Mustang) with the ‘Stang coming standard with the most tech and features. Want a V8, you’ll be looking at $34,395 (Mustang), $36,300 (Camaro), and $37,995 (Challenger) with the Challenger being packed with whatever amenities Chrysler can toss in. Obviously add $1,500 and up for the Charger versions.


As for the Supermuscle and Track Attack models, that is where all the value will be. What exactly happens, I have no clue. The fact that the GT350 is more a road car and the GT350R is the Z/28 fighter tells me two things: there is room for a Challenger TA to compare with the GT350, and secondly, the next Z/28 may not need to be so hardcore and slot in between the GT350 and GT350R.

Plus let’s not forget about the Hellcats. The next ZL1 could run less power than the Z06 and CTS-V and keep competitive with the Hellcats for $5,000 less as long as the torque is in the 600s. Of course the Mustang could either beat the power of the last GT500 and completely change the game, or it could make similar figures to the last one and be fine at under $60,000. What happens just depends on how GM decides to react, power on paper to get the Internet excited, or real world power delivery to keep the arguments raging on. I’m banking on 630hp in the next ZL1 and 667hp in the next GT500 purely because we will all know Ford wanted to rate it 666hp but then most of the South would have a tantrum.

*Did not include Tesla, though they could easily make a Model 3 Coupe for $69,000 that competes directly with the top end of this spectrum. Tesla is totally a muscle car brand in my mind.*