The future is in good hands - step 2 of 703

So with the ongoing effort to introduce my toddler to my love of cars, I got him this for some light bedtime reading.

It’s marketed as a kids book, but I admit I’m learning from it too.
Just look at this juicy goodness
He knows that this thing does some crazy voodoo to get the car going
I put him in the front seat in our driveway to play with the shifter. Then showed him this. Mind blown.
Told him about these when we went over a set of speed bumps. He didn’t care; just wanted more speed bumps.
So many parts. I have a lot of explaining to do.
Next step is getting a model engine set to build.
After we read this, he ran to mom yelling “intake, compression, combustion, exhaust!”

So, it has begun. First the take-apart truck, now this. Just goes to show that kids see us as role models and we gotta get this right.

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