On average most cars are used for a journey of 22 minutes each trip, 96.5% of the time cars are sat parked and roughly used for only 50 minutes a day.

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Turning up to a conference on autonomous transport in my home town, I’m sitting in a room listening to keynotes surrounded by middle aged men in ill-fitting suits.

I’m one of a handful of ‘youngsters’. It looks as though the future of connected transport is more in the hands of the last generation.

Naturally, that would be the case as big money is on the cards, fat bonuses and big pay cheques. Industry is at the heart of moving this forward, and there are at least three floating bald spots on my horizon as the conference begins…

But what if you could park out of town, or not even use your car to commute within your town think of the money saved. 20% of household outgoings are spent on transport in one way or another.


Imagine having a vehicle turn up to your front door at 7:30 am.

You get in, close the door and get driven along a pathway to the main road. Once you hit the main road the majority of vehicles you see are the same pods you are in.

All of these cars are connected, traffic flows smoother with timing at roundabouts and grid roads making the journey almost seamless.


You arrive at work, close the door and the pod drives off to pick another punter up.

Sounds good eh? Stress free travel to work, no sitting in traffic, no road rage and all for a small monthly fee.


We already have shopping deliveries which negates the need to actually go to a supermarket, so the car would be relegated to longer journeys, or pleasure trips.

There is talk of nobody owning a car, that manufacturers will be ‘providers of a service’ it’s all a bit bollocks to me.

I can’t see someone giving up the freedom of owning their own car, why would you move to a service based model where you have to bring in a third party and let them know when you require the use of a car.


If this had always been the case then yes, it would work. But that isn’t the case, people have been able to purchase their own automobile and will always want to do that.

For me I’m against driverless cars on the whole. But I enjoy driving. I take my car out just for the hell of it.


However, there will be a market for the serviced based model, people drive because they have to, they don’t enjoy it and see a car as a white good.

For this group of motorists a pay as you go, affordable loan scheme will be a revelation. But I don’t see it happening for many, many lifetimes.