The Future of Netflix !

Does anyone know anyone at netflix corporate ?

So last night as I read a story about CNN and "the end of the world video"

and it clicked... News is how netflix will never die. I don't know about you but I'd surely like to be able to switch from my top gear marathon to listening about the Paris terrorism..


Also this brings a unique situation for netflix if they were to start live news programming or even better 24/7 new broadcasting. They would have the potential of hiring people who aren't one sided.. CNN was like this when it started but has lost it's mojo overtime becoming just one more news channel with a opinion. I don't want that in my news. I want the facts.. and a I want them delivered to me by a person with a strong mustache.

Make it happen Netflix or call me I'll be happy to leave my cubicle for a netflix cubicle.

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