The Future of Automotive Design: STEMpunk

The revolution has started Oppo; us nerds are finally getting the quirky, sciencey, and functional design work we’ve been longing for!

Disclaimer: Alcohol was involved in the making of this random, somewhat non-directed rant/celebration.


Exhibit A: Morgan EV3

Exposed steering linkage? Check.
Exposed brass heat exchanger? Check
An apologetically functional gear shift switch? You’d better fucking check that box too.

Exhibit B: Singer Vehicle Design


Just.... Everything.... It’s amazing. Exposed gear linkage, the door structure, the switches, th...


....... *sploosh*

Exhibit Γ: Polestar 1


That’s right, even one of the most high-tech vehicles unveiled this year is getting in on that sweet, sweet STEMpunk action. Hell, they even labelled everything for us. Proper documentation FTW.

I’ll take a moment to just “catch my breath” here, but I’d love to see some of the STEMpunk designs you guys/gals have been drooling over as of late.

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