Been a while since I posted about this thing so here’s the update. TL:DR —> all is not well aboard the good ship Cletus-Vette and I need to fix some stuff.


As some of you might know, I spent two weeks driving this thing 1,500 miles from Toronto to West Virginia and back with my friend Matt. The trip was exciting but it exacted a toll on my body and afterwards I didn’t really drive it too much this season. I also drove it to the VARAC vintage Grand Prix at Mosport to spectate and we documented that with a video.

The Corvette has been running absolutely great but it was burning a worrying amount of oil. The oil consumption reached a point where I decided to crack open my perfectly running engine and try to fix it. I installed valve guide seals (which were completely missing!) in my car and afterwards it ran like total crap. It wouldn’t idle below 1,200 rpm and it wasn’t making power. So I assumed I had set my valves all wrong and sent it to a shop for them to set the valves.

When the car returned it ran the exact same. It runs well enough to drive it around but most of the fun is gone because it’s not running well and I worry about its health. To compound the matter, I got evicted from my old house and had to move with short notice. The chaos of the move put me into a new house with a smaller garage and I haven’t had the chance to work on it further.

It’s honestly been one bummer after another with this car after the trip. The move consumed much of my car money and I’m now paying higher rent so it will be harder to save up. I’m going to try and set the valves again myself because I believe the shop set them too tight.


The road trip made me realize that the rowdy Corvette needs a less rowdy companion. Something more economical, quieter, and all around nicer. I’ve been looking longingly at Porsche (VW) 914s and I think if I can ever get my shit straight again, I’ll add one to the stable.


So that;s the goings on with the Cletus-Vette!

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