Also, a brief update. A 6-speed G35 is probably the best everyday car $5000 Canadian will buy. Itā€™s quick, reasonably nimble, spacious, reasonably comfortable, has a banging stereo and is quite reliable. Gas mileage is also great for a V6 so long as the RPMs are kept mostly below 2k. My sedan is running great but it needs a few small odds and ends taken care of, all listed below:

-The weld is failing on the tailpipe side of the tailpipe-to-midpipe flange.

-The factory bracket for the rear license plate light has kinda disintegrated.

-03-06 G35 sedans often have rot in the b-pillar area of the doors and I need to fix mine before winter starts.

-The car needs re-alignment because Ontario roads suck (and because I secretly want a little bit of toe-out up front to help with steering response).

Pretty small and inexpensive stuff in the grand scheme of things, especially for a 14-year-old rust belt car. Otherwise itā€™s been awesome. Maybe Iā€™ll even treat it to some upholstery work in the near future (quilted black alcantara would look awesome in place of the chewed-up perforated leather inserts and the seat bolsters could use a re-dye).