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The Galant is on It’s Way Out.

I don’t want to give it up but being a dad and a home owner I just don’t think I’m going to have the time to deal with it. It would be different if I could have it has a thrid car, a project to tinker with, but I can’t really afford that and don’t have the space. So im looking for that pie in the sky next car. Basically it needs to be cheap, fun, cheap to own, reliable, and also fun something I can RallyX, drive every day, and hopefully learn to drift in. It’s a lot to ask on one car. My original thought was NB Miata. But my wife shot that down real quick. I’m still working that angle though, maybe I’ll just use my mother’s stubernness and wear her down till she’s okay with it. Eh.

The compromise would be something like this. An almost too cheap E46. I’m a bit scared of a BMW to be honest, but a RWD fun focuses car that still has 4 seats. The odometer reading being wrong is scary especially without a decent explanation.


It if I’m being totally realistic I should be buying something more like this, but it breaks my heart to think of going from a turbocharged AWD car to a something this boring.

Oh and check out thing Camaro. If it was 3000 dollars cheaper it’d be on my list.


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