I got the red ‘91 towed home this morning so it can hangout with its ‘93 brother in my driveway.

The flatbed driver dropped it off in front of the house, then I jump started it, managed to get it in gear, and took it around the block to see what’s up.

The clutch is almost certainly a hydraulic problem, as it can be made to disengage with a few pumps. I think it’s either a bad master/slave or there’s a hole in a line somewhere.

The engine is excellent. It’s about as peppy as the ‘93, pulls well and was smooth. There was a ticking at startup that went away once it had ran a minute or two, so I’m not worried about it...or rather, I don’t care about it.

Suspension was fine, brakes were better than the ‘93s before I changed them. All in all I think I killed it for the price of admission.


My dad came by to check it out so I took a picture of my Miata with his ‘94 Z28, Moses. We call it Moses because it always seems like cars get the hell out of your way when you drive it, like Moses parting the Red Sea. He’s had it since 1997, 180k miles on the original clutch. Great car, Moses.