Nothing is ever good enough, so this weekend, I took to moving items in the garage from one place to another. Today, I replaced this...

With this...

Other than one drawer that had spray paint in my old old workbench, everything fits in the new box. The deep drawers on the Craftsman made for poor space utilization for hand tools. The goal is to free up some space, and nothing that isn’t mobile on the floor. To make up for the loss of the workbench, I’ll be adding two folding tables on one of the walls.

I don’t have a GarageJournal showcase. I just need a functional space, and that means tools, cars, lawncare, and kids toys all share the same space. If not a third car, a couple of motorcycles will easily fit.


The cabinets now live on the far wall. There’s enough room on the passenger side of the Jeep to fully open the doors. Eventually, the old picnic table will be gone that’s leaning on the wall. I’ll hang the ladder, too. I’ve eliminated one cabinet, as I wasn’t using the space efficiently. Yes it bugs me a little that the wall isn’t finished, but it’s functional.


More pics when I wrap up the remodel.