With many viewers feeling that Amazon’s The Grand Tour falls a little short of Top Gear’s affable and spontaneous nature, many car enthusiasts are wondering what other originals might be available from the “Big Three” streaming services. We’ve compiled this handy list to help guide you:

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Peaky Blinders (Netflix): A group of Honda fanatics vehemently insist their naturally aspirated VTEC engines are superior to turbos and high-displacement engines…until they sign up for a track day event and suddenly have to face a reality where low-end torque doesn’t exist. Based on a fan fiction spinoff of The Fast & The Furious movie series.

Black Mirror (Netflix): This sci-fi series set in the mid-1990s follows vain, status-seeking owners of base model cars who embark on nationwide searches for body-colored side mirrors – often with disastrous results.


Bosch (Amazon): A psychedelic period piece set in late 19th-century Germany that follows one man’s premonitions that he would eventually take down one of the largest carmakers in the world – and emerge unscathed.

Narcos (Netflix): This documentary on the oft-misunderstood disease narcolepsy centers on the history of the affliction and its relation to Toyota’s industry-leading repeat customer rates.


The Man in the High Castle (Amazon): The owner of Colorado’s largest marijuana dispensary discovers a dozen classic German and Japanese vehicles hidden in the garage behind his shop. As he restores them, his mind opens up to an alternate reality where German cars are reliable and Japanese cars are fun.

Transparent (Amazon): A fascinating documentary detailing the history of Rain-X and its attempt to gain acceptance as a legitimate alternative to the mainstream windshield wiper, despite widespread legislation attempting to ban it.


The Path (Hulu): A former meth addict gets clean and reluctantly joins a cult, only to learn his Tesla is actually being charged by nearby coal-fired power plants. His attempt to escape from his cohorts’ grasps results in a game of cat & mouse, forcing him to live off the grid – and with a gasoline-powered car.

Z: Beginning of Everything (Amazon): The history of Nissan and its quest to bring affordable, reliable sports cars to the masses.


Difficult People (Hulu): Follow the daily adventures of a Lexus service advisor and his fruitless attempts to explain routine maintenance and planned obsolescence to wealthy, yet stingy clients.

The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu): Two unemployed British plumbers move into a flat near the Morgan factory and discover a quasi-futuristic, dystopian world existing in their own neighborhood. Fascinated by what they see, they both apply for positions there, only to discover the vetting process is more intense than they could have imagined.


Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events (Netflix): A 90-minute looped slideshow of classic Jaguars. Narrated by TV’s Doogie Howser.

The Crown (Netflix): Ford’s Panther platform underpinned numerous models over its production run, but none more famous than the Crown Victoria. Follow three police departments as they reluctantly trade their trusty patrol cars in for Ford Explorers, Dodge Chargers, and Chevy Tahoes.


Stranger Things (Neflix): Join a ragtag group of boys in this carefree 80s-style adventure about windowless vans and the evils lurking inside them.

Note: The author reserves the right to edit the above summaries once the shows have been watched.

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