The General State of Things

So I rent a space in town and there are three spaces but one is partly behind a bus stop so they can’t rent all of them. So I noticed the other space was empty for awhile, the local hospital is being expanded and construction workers parking everywhere has made the local cops hypervigilant about how long you park on a street. I work on shows and I am usually slammed and I can’t move the W123 because I leave early and get home late for the whole show in and out. They love to stick those warnings on my window. I wanted one of the spaces for the power wagon but it isn’t done yet, but the cops stressing me out made me get it and I can stick the Merc there in the meantime.

Screw all of you with garages and driveways.

I may ask if I can use all three spaces when the truck comes, unless the same owner has the two left spaces and can move the middle one to get the left one out they can’t do anything. I didn’t bug him about it today.


I went by the Z today to fire it up and let it get warm, juices flowing.

Now to get the truck done. My friend needs to paint the cab, he did the power steering. But there are a few things to do besides the cab and grille paint. I have to break in the new gears and go to the DMV for everything.


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