Spotted this VW T6 Califnornia ‘Ocean’ trim RV on German plates in Mahone Bay today on my way home from work! It was a lovely day in the Bay today, as you can see! :)

Also...glad it’s winter as that means I have to put my winter tires on soon. That usually sucks because they look ugly and lower my fuel economy, BUT...the slow leak in my front-right summer tire has gotten a lot worse. I used to be able to top it up every few weeks - all the tires on Humdrum are supposed to be 32 PSI. I noticed yesterday I had really squidgey-feeling handling and when I got gas, my last tank of fuel had CRAP mileage (580km instead of the usual 630-640km I’ve been getting lately), checked the front-right tire and it was down to around 18 PSI...didn’t even look low!

At least I won’t have to keep topping up the air in my winters...this will be my last year with these summers anyway....pretty worn at this point...

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