After a frustrating evening earlier this week, I had some success in last night’s mechanical mayhem. Behold, the ghettobarrow:

The new tire was quite a bit smaller than the old, but hey, at $14, it’s hard to complain (although there was a $4 environmental fee on it... because it’s a tire). Especially because I got the wheelbarrow for free, I didn’t feel like dumping much more than that into it. So the only thing I had kicking around to make a new axle for it... a piece of rebar. I brought out the bench grinder and had at it, and ground it down small enough to fit into the existing hole. I hacksawed the ends of the bar with the intention of splitting the ends open so that the bar can’t be easily pulled out, but after hammering the thing into place, it seems to be holding.

A total hackjob, that I’m sure I’ll need to eventually revisit, but hey, it works now!