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An April fools joke that has unintentionally become a permanent feature in our office.


If you weren’t aware, when contractors install equipment or fixtures or anything else which has a keyed lock, they typically tape the key to said thing for the owner to deal with.

Well, back in March our office finally replaced the paper towel dispenser in our first floor restroom because it was constantly broken. My coworker thought up this idea and, since we’re all designers, made a fairly legit looking “voice activated” logo. Since the key was taped to the top, installation was easy...


...what wasn’t expected was that maintenance would remove the key the evening of April 1st...

So for 2 months now we’ve had it up, and at this point everyone assumes it’s legit because we’re so far removed from April fools. The frequency of people talking to the paper towel dispenser is actually increasing and the best part is when they come complain to me and my coworker that it doesn’t work...

Advertisement which we reply: “You just have to say it louder and slower.”

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