The Gladiator placed 3rd out of 4th in a comparison!

You read that right. The bro peoples savior was second too last in a Car&Driver comparison against the Ranger FX4 (4th), Ridgeline RTL-E (2nd) and the Colorado Z71 (1st). The reason? They said its long wheelbase makes it not really suited for offroad, where its frame bottomed out on them a few times (they called it a dachshund) and its high as tested price of nearly 56k for the Overland trim, which isn’t even where it tops out at. None of this should stop the hotcake like sales this thing will have. Oh and all of the trucks with the exception of the Gladiator, returned a measly 15 mpg on their 400 mile loop. The Gladiator did one worse at 14.

Edit: Frontier and Tacoma werent included because they are too old.


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