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The good:

- I’m OK - mild neck pain and a bit of a headache. Could have been so much worse. Hopefully, I’ll still feel OK tomorrow.


- Again, it could have been so much worse. I didn’t even look at the damage until I got home since the guy took off and it didn’t seem that bad. I was shocked after I got home. I had no idea the force was this great. Speed limit there was 40 mph.

- The Subaru was going to get junked next Sept (before emissions) due to Wisconsin rust. 10 months early - not a big loss at all.


- Dogs weren’t in the car.

- My nicer cars are still intact.

- I can afford this. I’ll just have to daily drive my 2011 Sienna now.

Late model white GMC pickup was probably texting. Didn’t seem like he was trying to stop. I was minding my own business stopped at a red light. The force broke the seatback ratchet setting it was at. My knit hat was thrown off my head into the back seat. I watched the guy back up, make a u-turn and take off. Couldn’t read his plates.


The bad:

- The fact he took off makes me sad/a little depressed. Kinda makes me feel like it was personal that he did this. And that there are people like this out there. A bit like the sense of violation one feels with a burglary or car break-in.


- I keep saying I have to get a dash cam. Rear too.

- Forester was fun to drive. Perfect size. Good mileage.

His bumper completely overrode mine. It makes me feel like I need to buy a pickup just to not get mangled.


Since moving to Colorado, this is the second accident in the last year and a half where I’m quietly minding my own business sitting at a red light. WTF? Maybe it means I’m done with accidents for another 20 years?

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