The Good dealer: my GLI buying experience

As you all know, I recently purchased a Certified Pre-Owned 2012 VW Jetta GLI. Unlike some horror stories that I have heard of people having an awful time at a dealership, my experience was very easy and painless. This experience lead to me actually purchasing my car.

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Now I should point out, I am a 16 year who went with his mom and sister to buy his first car. The dealership I went to was the one that was most local to me, and that is Volkswagen of Kirkland, in Kirkland, WA. I honestly wasn't expecting to buy that car that day, but I'm a sucker for GLI's, so...

Anyway, we walk in the dealership, and are greeted by a really friendly guy named Shane Chase. I tell him that I am there to look at a specific car they had in stock (the GLI I bought) and he happily goes and grabs a dealer plate and the Keys so we can go and Test-Drive it. The test drive was about 10 minutes long, but in those 10 minutes, he let me put the GLI through it's paces. this includes getting it up to 90 on an empty road, an emergency stop, and a quick 0-60 run. he even told me where to go to get the best feel for the car. He was also very informative about the car's features, like the Automatic climate control, the touchscreen sound system, and the sunroof the car has.


After the test drive, Shane took us in to the dealership to talk price. he says that he can knock $1000 right off the bat, which caught me off guard. In the end, he worked us out a deal that is very acceptable.

Overall, my dealership experience was great. All the staff, from the salesman to the manager to the service department I got to meet were friendly and helpful. also, they were knowledgeable about their products, and seemed to have a genuine like for Volkswagens. They let me not only drive the GLI, but after making the deal, they let me spend some time in a brand new Mk7 Golf SEL, just because I said I liked how it looked.


This is how all dealerships should behave towards their customers, and I really appreciated that they treated me like a grown man, and not a 16 year old teen.

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